The Sewing Cafe

Bits and Bobs Fabric Box

To book your space call 01455 698034 or email


Skill Level:
Level 1+ - Basic project for beginners, or for those a little rusty, wanting to further their skills

Dates and Times:
Thursday 30th January 6.30pm-9.30pm or Saturday 4th April 10am-1pm

£35 - this includes everything you'll need, including materials and equipment.

Bits and Bobs Fabric Box at The Sewing Cafe - Sewing workshop

This pair of fabric storage boxes are the perfect sewing companion, for either storing bobbins or collecting loose threads and fabric scraps. In this workshop you’ll learn to work with wadding, create boxed corners and insert handles for added detail. Pick out a beautiful combination of fabrics to complement your sewing space, or choose something special for a gorgeous gift.