Workshop FAQs

Workshop FAQs 

Can under 16's attend a workshop? 

All our workshops are designed for adults, due to our workshop space we cannot cater for under 16’s to attend a workshop and be accompanied by adultIf you have an under 16 that would like to come and learn how to sew then have a look at our one-to-one sessions, where an under 16 can attend, as long as they accompanied by an adult. 

Can I bring my own Sewing Machine?  

We provide Janome sewing machines in our workshops, so you don’t need to bring your own. If you’d like a one-to-one session on your own machine then we can arrange that for you.  

What happens if I am running late for my workshop? 

We find if you’re any more than 15 minutes late it interrupts the flow of the workshop and impacts the learning of the other so whilst we’ll do our best to accommodate, please bear this in mind and aim to arrive in a comfortable amount of time.  

Where can I get my supplies from?  

When you sign up for your workshop we’ll send you a code which will give you 10% off any supplies and fabric you need to buy ahead of the workshop – for dressmaking workshops we recommend you pre-wash your fabric (as you would once your garment is made). You’ll also be able to use your 10% discount on the day of the workshop to buy extra supplies